GE launch with Ed Davey MP

Thank you to all the members and supporters who joined us on Sunday afternoon for the campaign launch for the Wimbledon and Mitcham & Morden General Election Campaigns.

Ed Davey explained the seriousness of the situation facing us in Merton, and talked about how critical this General Election campaign will be, in short; We Must Win, We Can Win and We Will Win!

  • We Must Win because we as Liberal Democrats have a heavy responsibility in this election. Our country is in crisis. The idea that the choice facing our country is between Boris Johnson, the Brexiteers and a no-deal crash out Brexit, and the ultra left, pro-Brexit Jeremy Corbyn, is a depressing and false choice. This is no choice for our country! There is a massive need for a party that is pro-European, liberal, progressive and that wants to change our country for the better, and the Liberal Democrats are the only party offering that choice. The Liberal Democrats have the responsibility to win to deliver that future for the people of Mitcham and Morden, and Wimbledon, because if we don't, the future under Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn looks bleak.
  • We Can Win because as we have shown in the European Elections in May, we can win in Merton. We have shown in the local elections in 2018 and in the by-election in 2019 that we can beat both the Tories and Labour in Merton, and give residents a fresh start without the two old tired parties. We know from our own polling in Merton that we can win in Wimbledon, and in hundreds of other seats around the country.
  • We Will Win because we have members and supporters who are passionate and committed in Merton. We have the values and policies that the people of Britain want in 2019, that reflect those looking to the future and not to the past. These policies will first solve Brexit by Revoking Article 50 and remaining in the EU, and then allow us to fight the climate emergency, end Tory austerity, and then build an economy that is fair and works for people and the planet. Local residents know that only a vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit, and to move on and fix the causes of Brexit.

There was a lot of conversation about the defections and resignations of the weekend, and of the dramatic week in parliament, and a real sense of excitement at the opportunities in the upcoming campaign.

Thank you again to everyone that was able to attend, and with your help we will win in Merton!